I've been lucky to call Will Villalongo my friend for close to 10 years now and I say with as little bias as possible that he is one of the best artists in NYC today. His work excites from afar, brings joy at approach, stirs emotional wells. Fellow artists, real estate developers, intellectuals and scholars formed physical circles at last night's opening, delving deep into discussion while still retaining awe for Villalongo's approach on current and historic politics.

Mind, Body & Soul at Susan Inglett Gallery is INTREPID: spirited, unflinching, dynamic and bold. 

SPRING/BREAK at Moynihan Station

I cannot write this post without first acknowledging how utterly amazing it was to step into and explore the upper floors of Moynihan Station aka NYC's flagship United States Post Office. No matter that is was crusty and stale, neglected for too long as seen from the threadbare carpeting, water damaged drop ceilings and broken plumbing. The building is iconic. I hope that whatever restoration takes place ends up looking more like Denver's Central Station and less like what has been done to the old Limelight.

Anyhow, the art! The show as a whole - pardon my blanket view - felt new school in two ways: One, most of the pieces looked like no other work shown at multiple fairs happening the same weekend (which is a great thing). Two, I was not cool enough to sit at the table.

Below are standout pieces by Lauren Portada, Jaz Harold, Brent Birnbaum and curation/representation by Yulia Topchiy, Natalie Kovacs, Christopher Stout and the zine ARTVOICES.



DeSmitten and I spent the afternoon contemplating art, our blogs, our fashion careers and finally our cocktails. PULSE was downright refreshing after the hellish traffic nightmare of The Armory Show. I never thought I'd compare Times fucking Square with an art fair but nothing else could describe the constant mad rush of tourists blocking the aisles at the piers. Next time I will take full advantage of VIP and show up early. PULSE though: NICE. Well-edited pieces in a warm mix of older and new. ProjectArt was there getting the word out that "art is a right" which I totally agree with. Check out the wonderful work they do here to bring art into all children's lives.

Work below by Mel Ramos, Charlie Engman and Jean-Pierre Roy.


There was a march for Eric Garner last Saturday on Staten Island.

I marched for the lives lost due to poor training and lack of education in our police department. Fear often dictates our lives and we are left with irreversible damage.

My heart goes out to Garner's family, the families of Michael Brown, Renisha McBride and the staggering many who have died without a cause. Their loss brought New Yorkers from all walks of life together with a unanimous message: The civil rights movement is not over.

Taste of Red Hook 2013

I am fortunate enough to be able to donate to some amazing charities. One of these is Red Hook Initiative. RHI believes "that social change to overcome systemic inequities begins with empowered youth."  October 22nd marked their 7th year hosting the Taste of Red Hook event & silent auction. Local restaurants, wineries and businesses worked together to provide an amazing experience for both guests and RHI staff. Lots of money was raised :)

This year's feast was held at Dustin Yellin's Pioneer Works center for art + innovation. Seeing is believing.



Thank goodness for it. These two were walking in front of Steven Tibaudo and I during a real quick lunch sprint to Paron fabrics to pick up a bundle of fabrics for Steven's Spring bowtie collection about to debut at the LIC flea market in early June.

I am pro an android humanoid future and not to say that this was that but o me o my I still get excited when technological advances in prosthetics come into view. Hot.

Spirit + Flesh magazine

The crazy cute @steventibaudo and @desmitten and I hopped over to Yotel earlier this week for a party celebrating new magazine Spirit & Flesh.

The joint was packed with all types of out and about New Yorkers including a guy sporting a white fur Kangol and dunks, some dude with a big ball tattoo on his neck and a fabulous beauty in an emerald green floor length gown - o wait! That was Paloma Perez. Doll.

We lounged like VIP, drank mescal and 1/4 danced to some hits. All in all a very decent Monday night.

Margiela + H&M

You could almost see the tumble weeds blow across the grand expanse of the new H&M store in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle this evening.

Bad for biz but great for the 2-3 of us shoppers who were a bit tipsy (or was that just me?) Alas, I skipped the faceless watch and jumbo white jacket but did buy a deconstructed pinstripe number which I am too sleepy to take pics of right now.



I have been very lucky in the wake of Sandy. Our home is intact and dry. The electricity is running and I can safely work from home this week.

Many New Yorkers have not been so lucky.  Our friends in Red Hook had to evacuate and are staying with us.  Casualties are up to 22 people in NYC alone.  My deep fear of falling tree branches kept me indoors for days. I wish all affected by Sandy much love and luck.

I encourage all of you to please volunteer wherever you can. Even if it's knocking on an elderly neighbor's door to check on them. xx

DeKalb Churches

As some of you Brooklynites know, our borough is home to many a storefront church or 20,000. I took a nice long bicycle ride from Claire and Joseph's in Bushwick to #288 in Fort Greene and this is what I spied on the way. CHUUUCH!

We made the cut

My gay husband Steven Tibaudo and I attended last night's 10th anniversary party for Project Runway held on The High Line. The drinks were cucumber, the temperature was 100 and the highlight for me was seeing David Chum of Selahdor who makes simply marvelous clothing. That and the time Steven stepped on gum in the subway right after fuming up strangers with his public hair spraying.

I am in a CONCEICAO dress and Shayla Cox necklace.

Home sweet home

Darling Christina of DeSmitten blogdom and I headed to Chinatown for the MNZ sample sale last night. As friends often do, we successfully talked each other out of buying anything. "You can make that." "You don't need those." "You just bought black sandals." Thank fashion we went though because it left us at the sub street level entrance to Home Sweet Home on Chrystie St. Two $3 frozen margaritas and tears of laughter later who could even remember that cute ass tassel purse with chain strap (rrrrrrrright?)