I have been very lucky in the wake of Sandy. Our home is intact and dry. The electricity is running and I can safely work from home this week.

Many New Yorkers have not been so lucky.  Our friends in Red Hook had to evacuate and are staying with us.  Casualties are up to 22 people in NYC alone.  My deep fear of falling tree branches kept me indoors for days. I wish all affected by Sandy much love and luck.

I encourage all of you to please volunteer wherever you can. Even if it's knocking on an elderly neighbor's door to check on them. xx

MDJ & Sons (Babushka style)

Not many things make me happier than to worship at the church of craft especially when the project becomes a gift.

This project had my creative brain doing pirouettes over learning to decoupage an homage to my friend MDJ and his sons. Flynn into Everett into Matt. Laura and Punkin were the missing crucial players here which is fine for now as it only means there is Mod Podge in my future.