Ai Wei Wei at Brooklyn Museum

Large iron boxes line the foyer of the museum, just beyond the Rodin sculptures beneath the glass ceiling.  Inside them, meticulous dioramas portray Wei's life while under 24hr surveillance in prison. 

Look up to see a giant snake made of children's backpacks. A reminder of shoddy school architecture that collapsed in the Chinese earthquake of 2008. More than 5000 students died.

Another room holds the contents of a real Chinese family, forced off their land by the government to make way for fast- growing infrastructure.  Items pinned to the walls convey a displaced shame.

A Bowl of Pearls.


Sometimes you become entangled in New York City.

From left to right:

A Subtlety with Creative Time by Kara Walker at the Domino sugar factory.

SHELTER ME by Ian Sullivan at One Night Only.

Untitled piece by Chris Marshall at Bushwick Open Studios.

Painted ladies napping FIGMENT art fair on Governor's Island.

Sculptures by Jeff Williams at Bushwick Open Studios.

Just Two of Us by Katharina Grosse at MetroTech in Brooklyn.

By Invitation Only at Kinz + Tilou

In a large brownstone on a tree-lined block in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn lies a two story gallery. If last night's opening was a glimpse into the future of Brooklyn art happenings then we are in for a treat. Tim and I rode bikes over for a quick stop before headed to BAM to see Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive. Tilda!

Guest curated by Mickalene Thomas, Renee Riccardo and Andrew Gori & Ambre Kelly.

Pieces in order off appearance in slideshow: Transparent Region series by Lauren Portada; Cosmas by Jeffrey Vreeland; Object:Body (#9) by Macklen Mayse.

Witness: Art and Civil Rights in the Sixties at The Brooklyn Museum

In order of slide show appearance:

close up of Urban Wall Suit by Jae Jarrell, 1969; Negro es Bello II by Elizabeth Catlett, 1969; Big Daddy Paper Doll by May Stevens, 1970; Black Man and Flag by Rupert Garcia, 1967; Watching the Good Trains Go By by Romare Bearden, 1964

Russell Frederick

Russell Frederick shoots in black & white and rarely going digital.

I recently attended a fashion conversation hosted by the Brooklyn Museum where Frederick was on the panel discussing current Brooklyn style. His dynamic point of view draws you into an emotion, creating instant empathy with the subjects.


Philippe Quesne for Performa 13

The French artist Phillipe Quesne transported a mostly 30 something audience to a mystical mole land in Red Hook, Brooklyn with a live theremin soundtrack, local scotch on the rocks and a Michelle Williams sighting.

It was all part of the city-wide Performa 13 visual arts biennial taking place now until November 24th.

Taste of Red Hook 2013

I am fortunate enough to be able to donate to some amazing charities. One of these is Red Hook Initiative. RHI believes "that social change to overcome systemic inequities begins with empowered youth."  October 22nd marked their 7th year hosting the Taste of Red Hook event & silent auction. Local restaurants, wineries and businesses worked together to provide an amazing experience for both guests and RHI staff. Lots of money was raised :)

This year's feast was held at Dustin Yellin's Pioneer Works center for art + innovation. Seeing is believing.


DeKalb Churches

As some of you Brooklynites know, our borough is home to many a storefront church or 20,000. I took a nice long bicycle ride from Claire and Joseph's in Bushwick to #288 in Fort Greene and this is what I spied on the way. CHUUUCH!