CFW over and out

I survived Charleston Fashion Week and came out more than unscathed. The week was full of new friends, networking opportunities and delicious Charleston cuisine.

A huge thank you to the fashion panel on Wednesday night for voting me a finalist and selecting CONCEICAO to show again on Saturday.

photos by Mitchell Scobie.

Charleston Fashion Week

This morning started off ever so relaxing with a 2 mile run in a woodsy trail just across the street from my hotel. I'm about 15 minutes from my final model fittings and line-up selection. I am especially excited to style 1 outfit to be shown to a fashion panel including Fern Mallis. The question is, to leather or not to leather? As I am unable to add images to this blog via iPad just yet I will be posting pics on Facebook and Twitter instead. Thanks everyone for getting me through Fall 2013!


I spent last weekend in Charleston, South Carolina attending preliminary meetings for Charleston Fashion Week.

The Post and Courier snapped myself, Kass Ishmael and Josh Ratliff at the CFW party. Charleston's City Paper wrote about it HERE. 

Da Conceicao wore a fierce pair of knee-length, black leather shorts that she made out of lambskin. The outfit hinted at the line she’s working on for CFW that she said is attempting to recreate the power suit for women. “I used to be a lingerie designer so I’m drawn to those fabrics, lace and sheers,” she said. “I did an apprenticeship at a leather company and I learned to work with leather, so I started combining the two. It doesn’t so much have an S&M feel, it just looks like a little tough added on.”