CONCEICAO lookbook

Last Saturday we shot the second lookbook for CONCEICAO. What a wicked fashion team we were! Many thanks to:

photography Michael Casker model Cristi Duncan stylists Steven Tibaudo and Christina DeSmet hairstylist Maryanna Fitzgerald makeup Mariko Hirano video Megan Hill and Courtney Koester.


CFW over and out

I survived Charleston Fashion Week and came out more than unscathed. The week was full of new friends, networking opportunities and delicious Charleston cuisine.

A huge thank you to the fashion panel on Wednesday night for voting me a finalist and selecting CONCEICAO to show again on Saturday.

photos by Mitchell Scobie.

Charleston Fashion Week

This morning started off ever so relaxing with a 2 mile run in a woodsy trail just across the street from my hotel. I'm about 15 minutes from my final model fittings and line-up selection. I am especially excited to style 1 outfit to be shown to a fashion panel including Fern Mallis. The question is, to leather or not to leather? As I am unable to add images to this blog via iPad just yet I will be posting pics on Facebook and Twitter instead. Thanks everyone for getting me through Fall 2013!


I spent last weekend in Charleston, South Carolina attending preliminary meetings for Charleston Fashion Week.

The Post and Courier snapped myself, Kass Ishmael and Josh Ratliff at the CFW party. Charleston's City Paper wrote about it HERE. 

Da Conceicao wore a fierce pair of knee-length, black leather shorts that she made out of lambskin. The outfit hinted at the line she’s working on for CFW that she said is attempting to recreate the power suit for women. “I used to be a lingerie designer so I’m drawn to those fabrics, lace and sheers,” she said. “I did an apprenticeship at a leather company and I learned to work with leather, so I started combining the two. It doesn’t so much have an S&M feel, it just looks like a little tough added on.”

RIP Private Practice

I just got back from a long weekend in Los Angeles where Tim and I attended two great parties. The first was the 10th anniversary of Colin Hay and Cecilia Noel at their lovely home in Topenga Canyon. Killer fun. Plus, I met a friendly soul mate named Gail Boswell.

The second party was the 2012 wrap for Private Practice on ABC. After 6 seasons the show is ending. My husband Tim Bright and sometimes music partner Chad Fischer wrote the theme and score for the show.  Thanks to Shonda Rhimes and Betsey Beers for six plentiful years.


Gisel Florez shot the first lookbook for CONCEICAO.

model Katia hair Maryanna Fitzgerald makeup Mariko Hirano styling SdC

We made the cut

My gay husband Steven Tibaudo and I attended last night's 10th anniversary party for Project Runway held on The High Line. The drinks were cucumber, the temperature was 100 and the highlight for me was seeing David Chum of Selahdor who makes simply marvelous clothing. That and the time Steven stepped on gum in the subway right after fuming up strangers with his public hair spraying.

I am in a CONCEICAO dress and Shayla Cox necklace.

I was on Project Runway

I made it past ten thousand entries, three rounds of interviews (two of them taped) and two episodes of Project Runway Season IF you include the hour long pre-first episode. I DO include it as this is where my band with Laura Seymour, Yum Yum Tim Gunn, had it's fifteen seconds of fame.

The win was not for me and I humbly accept not being cut out for high stakes televised drama. The experience has left me no less of a PR fan.  Getting to be on the other side of the competition was thrilling, each moment completely new.

Thank you to family and friends who supported me and even to people who thought I sucked because at least you thought of me. xo