DeSmitten and I spent the afternoon contemplating art, our blogs, our fashion careers and finally our cocktails. PULSE was downright refreshing after the hellish traffic nightmare of The Armory Show. I never thought I'd compare Times fucking Square with an art fair but nothing else could describe the constant mad rush of tourists blocking the aisles at the piers. Next time I will take full advantage of VIP and show up early. PULSE though: NICE. Well-edited pieces in a warm mix of older and new. ProjectArt was there getting the word out that "art is a right" which I totally agree with. Check out the wonderful work they do here to bring art into all children's lives.

Work below by Mel Ramos, Charlie Engman and Jean-Pierre Roy.

Dover Street Market

Christina of DeSmitten and I spent a beautiful portion of the afternoon with new friend Matthew Halicki at Rei Kawakubo's Dover Street Market on Lexington and 30th Street today.

After tea cakes and a mind altering latte at Rose Bakery on the main level we ascended 7 floors then walked our way down through exactly what a department store should be: filled with beautifully tailored clothes and a respectful friendly staff. Scatter enough abstract eye candy to keep all shoppers happy and there you have another Kawakubo masterpiece.

Home sweet home

Darling Christina of DeSmitten blogdom and I headed to Chinatown for the MNZ sample sale last night. As friends often do, we successfully talked each other out of buying anything. "You can make that." "You don't need those." "You just bought black sandals." Thank fashion we went though because it left us at the sub street level entrance to Home Sweet Home on Chrystie St. Two $3 frozen margaritas and tears of laughter later who could even remember that cute ass tassel purse with chain strap (rrrrrrrright?)