El Born

Bar Mut (shhhh)

Ever so often you are made to feel like one of the 'in' crowd. A burly bouncer slides you past the velvet rope. Your seat reserved at some ritzy number of a restaurant. You're on the inside looking out.

While dining at the a-ma-zing PICNIC in El Born in Barcelona Tim and I were let in on such a sweet secret by one of the owners, Tara. 

There is in fact a secret bar above trendy tapas spot BAR MUT in the L'Eixample neighborhood.  She called up the manager and reserved a table under my name.


A nearly perfect vacation day began with a very late rise a la 12 noon followed by two hours of intense lounging in the loft we rented in El Born. 

Next up a walk through the winding streets in search of the tiniest tastiest iced coffee ever. Yum. An easy subway ride to tourist thick Sagrada Familia and then up to Parc Guell for Gaudi gorgeousness!

Back to El Born for boquerones and Rioja (thanks @ChopTedAllen) at Tantarantana. Back on the subway to Jardin Pedralbes for an outdoor concert in palatial gardens featuring Antony and the Johnsons and our friend Steve Bernstein and his Millennial Territory Orchestra. Finally, dinner at Tapas 24