Dover Street Market

Christina of DeSmitten and I spent a beautiful portion of the afternoon with new friend Matthew Halicki at Rei Kawakubo's Dover Street Market on Lexington and 30th Street today.

After tea cakes and a mind altering latte at Rose Bakery on the main level we ascended 7 floors then walked our way down through exactly what a department store should be: filled with beautifully tailored clothes and a respectful friendly staff. Scatter enough abstract eye candy to keep all shoppers happy and there you have another Kawakubo masterpiece.

Mad for Plaid

In case you didn't know, plaid will be everywhere come Fall/Winter 2014. Whether 90s grunge, punk rock, preppy or Brit; a tad of plaid will do your body good.

While sorting through the late great Theresa Bright's sewing things last weekend, I came across this vintage how-to brochure on sewing plaids that may just come in handy for a DIY project. Brought to you by Dan River Mills in Danville, Virginia. Danville has a rich history in American manufacturing. The factory was recently demolished. Watch the implosion here.

Front Row at MOCA

There is a perfectly curated fashion exhibit at MOCA NYC going on right now. I am ashamed to say that until very recently, I had never been to the Museum of Chinese in America in China Town. Thank goodness that fashion drew me in because the permanent collection was magnificent. Next time you are standing in line at a Soho sample sale or slurping noodles at Hop Kee, take an extra hour and explore this museum. Small yet powerful. Some images from the FRONT ROW exhibit:

Steven Tibaudo Bow Ties

Steven Tibaudo fills a much needed niche for sophisticated bow ties in luxe fabrics that are pre-tied. I have the pleasure of seeing his fab head to toe looks on a weekly basis at work and am mother-hen- proud of his achievements thus far. Gay husband or not, I fully support his vision of adding class and taste to the mainstream. Price points vary from $35-$55 and custom orders are welcome. Need 10 matching bow ties for that bachelor party in Vegas? Done.  Always wanted a white kidskin suede bow tie with black polka dots? O wait that’s me! DONE. 

Steven can be found selling his bow ties at the new LIC flea on Saturdays this Summer. The entire collection is also available online. I visited the flea and Mr. Tibaudo one afternoon...

Met Ball 2013

Ladies of a certain age (kick-ass that is) turned it OUT at the Metropolitan Museum Ball last night. No surprise those who lived through punk really embodied the spirit on the red carpet. Below are a few of my faves. Photos courtesy of, GETTY,

On the left: Rossella Jardini looks o so perfect. On the right: Kylie Minogue whatever.

On the left: Rossella Jardini looks o so perfect. On the right: Kylie Minogue whatever.

Donatella Versace sticking to what she does best: fierce.

Donatella Versace sticking to what she does best: fierce.

Zandra Rhodes schools them all with here DIY look.

Zandra Rhodes schools them all with here DIY look.

And the winner is...Diane von Furstenberg. What is more punk than showing up to a punk event wearing disco?

And the winner is...Diane von Furstenberg. What is more punk than showing up to a punk event wearing disco?

Stephen Burrows

I met up with my former assistant and friend Timmy Johnson yesterday at the Museum of the City of New York to check out the Stephen Burrows exhibit. Walking into the space transports one into the 1970s disco scene replete with jersey dressing and coke-skinny bods. I loved every inch of Burrow's rich colors and lettuce edge hems. Suggestion: Take the trip to 103rd and Fifth then stroll around Central Park where the Magnolias are in full bloom.

CONCEICAO lookbook

Last Saturday we shot the second lookbook for CONCEICAO. What a wicked fashion team we were! Many thanks to:

photography Michael Casker model Cristi Duncan stylists Steven Tibaudo and Christina DeSmet hairstylist Maryanna Fitzgerald makeup Mariko Hirano video Megan Hill and Courtney Koester.


Charleston Fashion Week

This morning started off ever so relaxing with a 2 mile run in a woodsy trail just across the street from my hotel. I'm about 15 minutes from my final model fittings and line-up selection. I am especially excited to style 1 outfit to be shown to a fashion panel including Fern Mallis. The question is, to leather or not to leather? As I am unable to add images to this blog via iPad just yet I will be posting pics on Facebook and Twitter instead. Thanks everyone for getting me through Fall 2013!

The new motley crew

Motley indeed! Every season street photographers capture the ever evolving upward stylings of fashion conscious men. People take note. Fellas are turning it out! It's a happy day in fashion land thanks to the blokes who appear on today's blog post. All photos by Tommy Ton.

Merriam-Webster's definition:

1: variegated in color <a motley coat>

2: composed of diverse often incongruous elements <a motleycrowd>


I spent last weekend in Charleston, South Carolina attending preliminary meetings for Charleston Fashion Week.

The Post and Courier snapped myself, Kass Ishmael and Josh Ratliff at the CFW party. Charleston's City Paper wrote about it HERE. 

Da Conceicao wore a fierce pair of knee-length, black leather shorts that she made out of lambskin. The outfit hinted at the line she’s working on for CFW that she said is attempting to recreate the power suit for women. “I used to be a lingerie designer so I’m drawn to those fabrics, lace and sheers,” she said. “I did an apprenticeship at a leather company and I learned to work with leather, so I started combining the two. It doesn’t so much have an S&M feel, it just looks like a little tough added on.”

Spirit + Flesh magazine

The crazy cute @steventibaudo and @desmitten and I hopped over to Yotel earlier this week for a party celebrating new magazine Spirit & Flesh.

The joint was packed with all types of out and about New Yorkers including a guy sporting a white fur Kangol and dunks, some dude with a big ball tattoo on his neck and a fabulous beauty in an emerald green floor length gown - o wait! That was Paloma Perez. Doll.

We lounged like VIP, drank mescal and 1/4 danced to some hits. All in all a very decent Monday night.

Margiela + H&M

You could almost see the tumble weeds blow across the grand expanse of the new H&M store in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle this evening.

Bad for biz but great for the 2-3 of us shoppers who were a bit tipsy (or was that just me?) Alas, I skipped the faceless watch and jumbo white jacket but did buy a deconstructed pinstripe number which I am too sleepy to take pics of right now.