Lauren Portada

SPRING/BREAK at Moynihan Station

I cannot write this post without first acknowledging how utterly amazing it was to step into and explore the upper floors of Moynihan Station aka NYC's flagship United States Post Office. No matter that is was crusty and stale, neglected for too long as seen from the threadbare carpeting, water damaged drop ceilings and broken plumbing. The building is iconic. I hope that whatever restoration takes place ends up looking more like Denver's Central Station and less like what has been done to the old Limelight.

Anyhow, the art! The show as a whole - pardon my blanket view - felt new school in two ways: One, most of the pieces looked like no other work shown at multiple fairs happening the same weekend (which is a great thing). Two, I was not cool enough to sit at the table.

Below are standout pieces by Lauren Portada, Jaz Harold, Brent Birnbaum and curation/representation by Yulia Topchiy, Natalie Kovacs, Christopher Stout and the zine ARTVOICES.


By Invitation Only at Kinz + Tilou

In a large brownstone on a tree-lined block in the Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn lies a two story gallery. If last night's opening was a glimpse into the future of Brooklyn art happenings then we are in for a treat. Tim and I rode bikes over for a quick stop before headed to BAM to see Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive. Tilda!

Guest curated by Mickalene Thomas, Renee Riccardo and Andrew Gori & Ambre Kelly.

Pieces in order off appearance in slideshow: Transparent Region series by Lauren Portada; Cosmas by Jeffrey Vreeland; Object:Body (#9) by Macklen Mayse.