We made the cut

My gay husband Steven Tibaudo and I attended last night's 10th anniversary party for Project Runway held on The High Line. The drinks were cucumber, the temperature was 100 and the highlight for me was seeing David Chum of Selahdor who makes simply marvelous clothing. That and the time Steven stepped on gum in the subway right after fuming up strangers with his public hair spraying.

I am in a CONCEICAO dress and Shayla Cox necklace.

I was on Project Runway

I made it past ten thousand entries, three rounds of interviews (two of them taped) and two episodes of Project Runway Season IF you include the hour long pre-first episode. I DO include it as this is where my band with Laura Seymour, Yum Yum Tim Gunn, had it's fifteen seconds of fame.

The win was not for me and I humbly accept not being cut out for high stakes televised drama. The experience has left me no less of a PR fan.  Getting to be on the other side of the competition was thrilling, each moment completely new.

Thank you to family and friends who supported me and even to people who thought I sucked because at least you thought of me. xo