Marfa, Texas

Tim and I plus, Laura Seymour and the MDJ clan were in Marfa last week to visit Jenny Moore in her new post as executive director of Chinati as well as artist Larry Bamburg and brood.

The usual was done: burrito lady for breakfast, visit to Dan Flavin barracks at Chinati, a swim in Balmorhea, dinner at Cochineal and a bonfire at Fairfaxs'. 

The unusual happened: a secret The xx show at Chinati and an after party held in the family manse of the Villareals.

I love Marfa.

MDJ at Hauser & Wirth

Friend I'll grow old with Matthew Day Jackson opened his latest show in New York at Hauser & Wirth last Friday to much applause. Enormous in ideas and scope - Something Ancient, Something New, Something Stolen, Something Blue - was visually arresting. One had to wrap their eyes around the scale of each piece before beginning to contemplate the emotional depth. The shit was bananas. 




Hauser & Wirth in the old Roxy nightclub space 511 West 18th Street

E'ry Month

Thank goodness we live in a multi-cultural city where gallery openings and art happenings occur on the regular. Last night I dragged my ass out to enjoy one such event and to support my friend, artist Jonathan Marshall at WILDLIFE gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

La Nina Tatuada de Llullaillaco by Jonathan Marshall. Stunning papier mache sculpture that served as a sort of elephant in the room. Surely would have encouraged intelligent conversation if we weren't standing around drinking Dewer's and sodas.

A tiny lady in a large glass box. Fuck gentrification (but keep opening those delish restaurants!)

MDJ & Sons (Babushka style)

Not many things make me happier than to worship at the church of craft especially when the project becomes a gift.

This project had my creative brain doing pirouettes over learning to decoupage an homage to my friend MDJ and his sons. Flynn into Everett into Matt. Laura and Punkin were the missing crucial players here which is fine for now as it only means there is Mod Podge in my future.