Le [Pomp]idou

I fell in lust once with a pink haired pomp raver type pot dealer with a famous-authur-dad and cool friends.  He was my real first french kiss and nothing else. Powdered skin, lip mole.

Anyhow...Centre Pompidou brings it every time. I'm proud to say that every Paris visit for me includes the grand 'ol Pomp, creaky escalators and all. #tb60cycle

Artwork Mona Hatoum 

All photos SdC copyright 2015

White Drama

While in Paris last week for a shopping trip (work I swear!) I visited Les Docks exhibition space for a fashion cleansing COMME des GARCONS all white show aptly titled WHITE DRAMA. O Rei, how you make me swoon with your exaggerated proportions, cotton candy lumps and regal sea brains. Drama indeed.

Remember those game shows that had money filled capsules and contestants would get in with a fan blowing to catch all the money they could? Well, this shit is MONEY.