Steven Tibaudo

Jeff Koons retrospective at The Whitney Museum

Although not a Jeff Koons fan per se I could not resist when Steven Tibaudo took a day off from work and invited me to traipse around the Whitney for this massive retrospective.

I could not bitch out.

Koons! Koons! Koons!

On a more serious note: this is the last show at the well-loved Whitney Museum Madison Ave. location. The Gansevoort St. opening is in May 2015. RIP The Whitney. Long live The Whitney!

Steven Tibaudo Bow Ties

Steven Tibaudo fills a much needed niche for sophisticated bow ties in luxe fabrics that are pre-tied. I have the pleasure of seeing his fab head to toe looks on a weekly basis at work and am mother-hen- proud of his achievements thus far. Gay husband or not, I fully support his vision of adding class and taste to the mainstream. Price points vary from $35-$55 and custom orders are welcome. Need 10 matching bow ties for that bachelor party in Vegas? Done.  Always wanted a white kidskin suede bow tie with black polka dots? O wait that’s me! DONE. 

Steven can be found selling his bow ties at the new LIC flea on Saturdays this Summer. The entire collection is also available online. I visited the flea and Mr. Tibaudo one afternoon...


Thank goodness for it. These two were walking in front of Steven Tibaudo and I during a real quick lunch sprint to Paron fabrics to pick up a bundle of fabrics for Steven's Spring bowtie collection about to debut at the LIC flea market in early June.

I am pro an android humanoid future and not to say that this was that but o me o my I still get excited when technological advances in prosthetics come into view. Hot.

We made the cut

My gay husband Steven Tibaudo and I attended last night's 10th anniversary party for Project Runway held on The High Line. The drinks were cucumber, the temperature was 100 and the highlight for me was seeing David Chum of Selahdor who makes simply marvelous clothing. That and the time Steven stepped on gum in the subway right after fuming up strangers with his public hair spraying.

I am in a CONCEICAO dress and Shayla Cox necklace.