Susan Inglett


I've been lucky to call Will Villalongo my friend for close to 10 years now and I say with as little bias as possible that he is one of the best artists in NYC today. His work excites from afar, brings joy at approach, stirs emotional wells. Fellow artists, real estate developers, intellectuals and scholars formed physical circles at last night's opening, delving deep into discussion while still retaining awe for Villalongo's approach on current and historic politics.

Mind, Body & Soul at Susan Inglett Gallery is INTREPID: spirited, unflinching, dynamic and bold. 

William Villalongo

It is a New Yorker's 1st world problem to have to miss one friend's opening in order to catch another.  I was lucky to be stuck in this predicament last Thursday.

William Villalongo's  Sista Ancesta at Susan Inglett Gallery was the right choice. The Nymphs are top notch and worth a second visit in order to take in.