William Villalongo


I've been lucky to call Will Villalongo my friend for close to 10 years now and I say with as little bias as possible that he is one of the best artists in NYC today. His work excites from afar, brings joy at approach, stirs emotional wells. Fellow artists, real estate developers, intellectuals and scholars formed physical circles at last night's opening, delving deep into discussion while still retaining awe for Villalongo's approach on current and historic politics.

Mind, Body & Soul at Susan Inglett Gallery is INTREPID: spirited, unflinching, dynamic and bold. 

The Shadows Took Shape at Studio Museum

It has become a rare thing in New York to find oneself at a truly magnificent group show. My mind would like to thank the Studio Museum for expanding it a bit more. It was the first time in a long while that I wished to have brought the 'good' camera.

Some pieces resonated with me more than others. In order of slideshow left to right:

A still shot from the film Girl by Chitra Ganesh & Simone Leigh. Thought provoking art at its best. With a wonderful flute score by Kaoru Watanabe and starring Kenya (Robinson).

Sista Ancesta by William Villalongo

Untitled photograph by Robert Pruitt


MDJ at Hauser & Wirth

Friend I'll grow old with Matthew Day Jackson opened his latest show in New York at Hauser & Wirth last Friday to much applause. Enormous in ideas and scope - Something Ancient, Something New, Something Stolen, Something Blue - was visually arresting. One had to wrap their eyes around the scale of each piece before beginning to contemplate the emotional depth. The shit was bananas. 




Hauser & Wirth in the old Roxy nightclub space 511 West 18th Street

E'ry Month

Thank goodness we live in a multi-cultural city where gallery openings and art happenings occur on the regular. Last night I dragged my ass out to enjoy one such event and to support my friend, artist Jonathan Marshall at WILDLIFE gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

La Nina Tatuada de Llullaillaco by Jonathan Marshall. Stunning papier mache sculpture that served as a sort of elephant in the room. Surely would have encouraged intelligent conversation if we weren't standing around drinking Dewer's and sodas.

A tiny lady in a large glass box. Fuck gentrification (but keep opening those delish restaurants!)

William Villalongo

It is a New Yorker's 1st world problem to have to miss one friend's opening in order to catch another.  I was lucky to be stuck in this predicament last Thursday.

William Villalongo's  Sista Ancesta at Susan Inglett Gallery was the right choice. The Nymphs are top notch and worth a second visit in order to take in.